Shareholder FAQs

If your particular question has not been answered below please give our office a call on 0800 867 858 or email us at zn.oc1529749122.tpn@1529749122tpn1529749122. We will be happy to help. For questions relating to how your shareholder details are held by our registrar, please contact Link Market Services.

What is NPT Limited’s current dividend policy?

The directors of NPT have adopted the The National Property Trust’s policy for the payment of dividends by the Company. That is:

The distribution policy of the Company is to distribute between 90% and 100% of Distributable Profit to shareholders each financial year. Distributable Profit is defined as the net profit/(loss) before income tax adjusted for non-cash items and/or non-recurring items and current tax.

Does NPT have a financial disputes resolution process for handling shareholder complaints?

Yes, if shareholders wish to make a formal complaint they should contact the Company and we will send out a Complaints Form. Once the completed form has been received we will aim to provide a response within 20 working days. If a complaint cannot be satisfactorily resolved NPT’s disputes resolution provider is Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR). FDR is a free and independent service and you can find more information on their website –

Is NPT in the Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE) Regime?

Yes, the Company elected to become a Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE) as part of the restructure and corporatisation of The National Property Trust.

How can I sell my NPT Limited shares or buy further shares?

NPT Limited is listed on the NZSX and the Company’s shares are traded through sharebrokers. Our NZX code is NPT. The NZX site has some useful information on trading shares, links to related websites and a glossary of sharemarket-related terms at   The NZX also list NZX registered sharebrokers at You can view NPT Limited’s NZX trading history here .

How do I contact the Registrar?

Link Market Services is the registrar for NPT Limited’s shares. Link can be contacted at:

Phone: (09) 375 5998
Email: zn.oc1529749122.seci1529749122vrest1529749122ekram1529749122knil@1529749122seiri1529749122uqne1529749122
Write: P O Box 91976, Auckland 1142

Shareholders with a Link Holder Reference number and FIN may update their banking instructions, provide IRD numbers, change their address or view their transaction history online. Go to