NZX Announcements

2016 Annual Meeting Results

NPT has declared the poll results of the two resolutions put to the Company’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders held in Christchurch on Friday 19 August 2016. Both resolutions were passed as follows: Resolution 1 The re-election of Director Sir John Anderson. Votes:- For: 85,864,924 votes representing 99.96% of votes cast Against: 30,536 votes representing 0.04% … [Read more…]

FY17 First Quarter Dividend

NPT Limited has announced a first quarter cash dividend for the financial year ending 31 March 2017 of 0.90 cents per share, in line with guidance. The dividend will carry imputation credits of 0.1544 cents per share. The record date for this dividend will be 2 September 2016, with payment to be made to shareholders … [Read more…]

Notice of Annual Meeting and Proxy Form

NPT Limited has today provided NZX with a copy of its 2016 Notice of Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting will be held at the Flying South Theatre, Level 1, Christchurch Airport, 30 Durey Road, Christchurch on Friday 19 August 2016 commencing at 11.30am. The attached Notice of Meeting and Proxy Form are being mailed to … [Read more…]

Closing Date for Director Nominations

Further to the announcement of 23 June 2016, NPT Limited would like to advise that the closing date for nomination of directors is Thursday 7th July 2016, not 6th July 2016, as previously stated. Nominations must be addressed to the Company Secretary and be received by 4pm on the closing date. Nominations may only be … [Read more…]

Ongoing Disclosure Notices

Please see attached ongoing disclosure notices for: – Carol Campbell – Tony Osborne – Stephen Reid

SSH Notice – Salt Funds Management Limited

Disclosure of movement of 1% or more in substantial holding or change in nature of relevant interest, or both Sections 277 and 278, Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 To NZX Limited and To NPT Limited Relevant event being disclosed: Date of relevant event: 24 June 2016 Date this disclosure made: 28 June 2016 Date last … [Read more…]

Annual Meeting and closing date for director nominations

4:10pm, 23 Jun 2016 | MEETING NPT Limited would like to advise that its 2016 Annual Meeting of Shareholders will be held on 19 August 2016 in Christchurch. Further details of the venue location and time will be advised in the forthcoming Notice of Meeting. For the purposes of NZX Listing Rule 3.3.5, NPT Limited … [Read more…]

SSH Notice – AMP Capital Investors Limited

11:16am, 23 Jun 2016 | SSH Disclosure of ceasing to have substantial holding Section 279, Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 To: NZX and To: NPT Ltd Date this disclosure made: 23-Jun-2016 Date last disclosure made: 24-Mar-2016 Date on which substantial holding ceased: 22-Jun-2016 Substantial product holder(s) giving disclosure Full Name(s): AMP Capital Investors (New Zealand) … [Read more…]

SSH Notice – Mint Asset Management

4:27pm, 3 Jun 2016 | SSH Disclosure of movement of 1% or more in substantial holding or change in nature Relevant event being disclosed: Movement of 1% or more in substantial holding Date of relevant event: 3 June 2016 To: NZX Limited And: NPT Limited Date this disclosure made: 3 June 2016 Date last disclosure … [Read more…]